The available experience and knowledge of Experience25 is classified into 6 focus areas, this facilitates communication regarding the employability of Experience25. For each focus area experienced professionals are available with a minimum of 25 years of experience in their field of profession.

Strategy & Organization development

When the environment is changing, enterprises have to adapt their strategy and often their organisation within a short amount of time. Experience25 offers the support to co-develop a new strategy and jointly taking care of implementation.

Risk & Crisis management

Risk = likelihood x impact.
Based on experience and personal involvement in many far-reaching events during the last decades, Experience25 is in the position to reduce the possibility of threatening events.


Maturity level of purchasing departments in Agrofood business is still very different. All varieties between stage 1 (Availability) and stage 5 (Strategic Partner) are represented. Important is to determine the optimal position of Procurement in the organization and the route to achieve the required level of maturity.

Project management

Not all activities should be handled as a Project. But when you have a Project it should be managed accordingly. Applying OCPI model (Orientation, Creation, Preparation, Implementation) creates clarity regarding Stages, Go/No Go moments, Stakeholders, Roles & Responsibilities.


Being ISO, HACCP, BRC certified has become a license to operate. Standardized audits are applied to achieve the required certificate. Unfortunately, this way of working is often not leading to a robust and secured operation with the lowest possible risk profile.  Experience25 executes audits with specific product and process know how and adds extra value to the final audit report.

Recruitment & Coaching

Having the right person at the right place is becoming increasingly important. The war for talent is intense. Due to the large international network of the founders and the support group, it is often possible to help companies find a suitable candidate.